Say Goodbye to HPV: Heal your cervix and clear HPV with this 12 Week Program



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Dr. Doni Wilson's program is a 12-week all-inclusive program with an action plan to clear HPV and say goodbye to the virus for good!


The SAY GOODBYE TO HPV Program is the right fit if you are:

  • A woman who has tested positive for HPV, but have no abnormal cells, or mildly abnormal cells (ASCUS or CIN-1)
  • Concerned about your pap smear results that came back mildly abnormal (ASCUS or CIN1) with HPV and no abnormal cells.
  • Worried because you have been told that you have (or had) PRE-CANCEROUS CELLS on your cervix (CIN2-3) and you want to prevent it from progressing or recurring.
  • Tired of hearing “wait and see” each time you get a pap result, and you’re ready to take action so you can stop HPV and prevent the need for future procedures.
  • Looking for a natural and effective protocol that can prevent HPV from becoming an issue in your life.
Let the healing begin now!

Your HPV diagnosis is not a dead end and there is a better way to get at the root cause of what’s going on in your body.

Together we can help your body heal naturally!

Here is what you get when you sign up: 

12-weekly, online sessions that will walk you through Dr. Doni’s proven HPV protocol

Worksheets that create your individualized action plan to clear HPV

Dr. Doni’s supplement protocol and exclusive personalization tool

Proven, natural strategies that you can use immediately to help your body fight the HPV virus

Access to 6 LIVE sessions during the 12 weeks: A safe, discreet place to get answers to questions you may have been too ashamed to ask and to experience support from a community of women

Private Chat Forum: 24/7 non-facebook app to connect with Dr. Doni and women in the program.




10% off Dr. Doni’s preferred supplements for 12 weeks or 6 months


Access to trusted products and health panels otherwise only available to private clients

Dr. Doni's Book

A free copy of my book, Dr. Doni’s Stress Warrior (as an ebook)


Access to previously recorded FAQ sessions, so you can learn from past participants

Register Now for Exclusive Access

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Maybe your doctor told you to just “wait and see” and come back in six months. But you’re afraid to wait. What if everything is so much worse later?

Now you are not only anxious, but you’re also embarrassed, and unsure.

You may be wondering, “How did this happen to me?’


HPV is extremely common. In fact, 95% of sexually active people have exposed to it. And, of those 95%, only 10% receive an HPV diagnosis with abnormal cells. You do not have to part of that statistic!

Hi, I’m Dr. Doni Wilson, a naturopathic doctor, professional midwife, clinical nutritionist, best-selling author and your trusted guide to reversing HPV.

Over the past 22 years, I’ve helped thousands of patients find solutions to their most puzzling health issue including HPV and abnormal pap smears.

The Say Goodbye to HPV Program is based on my proven protocol that has a success rate of more than 90% of the HPV cases in my practice.

The good news is that your body has incredible power to heal itself with the right support and guidance.

During the next 12 weeks you’ll receive access to the essential healing steps of my proven protocol so that you, too, can say, “goodbye HPV!”

"Dr. Doni’s reverse HPV course is the hope I’ve been looking for. The typical response to HPV is the “wait and see” approach. Although I’m sure it works for some people, for me it left me feeling hopeless and ashamed. I had trouble finding support from my friends and in the mainstream because nobody talks about HPV even though it’s incredibly common.

Dr. Doni’s course first and foremost was a safe space for people to get helpful information and ask the questions we’ve been too ashamed to ask. She empowers you to know that there are natural tools that you can use to help your body fight this virus. and she teaches you exactly how to use them! Her support is genuine and thoughtful, and although she has her own line of supplements she never pressures you to purchase anything, and provides all types of alternative options to suit your budget and type of HPV. I’m incredibly grateful to have the knowledge she provided, and I hope to soon be one of her many success stories."

~ T.C.

Act now and join me. During the next 12 weeks you’ll learn:

  • What factors likely made you susceptible to HPV and what to do about it
  • The #1 thing almost everyone gets wrong when it comes to addressing HPV
  • The right way to beat HPV and prevent the need for invasive and repeat procedures
  • How to read your own pap smear results and how to craft your own healing plan
  • Exactly which supplements and doses are critical and most effective
  • Which health panels really matter and how to understand your results
  • How to correct underlying HPV issues like hormone imbalances, adrenal distress, and leaky gut
  • How to reverse your HPV diagnosis and prevent it from returning
  • How to leverage your body’s natural ability to heal itself
Get Started Today!

Say Goodbye to HPV

  • 12 week Program
  • 12 modules
  • 2 live group calls per month
  • 24/7 chat forum (not on Facebook)
  • Protocol template
  • Access to order Vaginal Suppositories


  • Stress Remedy 21-day Recipes and Meal Plan
  • Stress Remedies ebook
  • Stress Warrior ebook
  • 10% off supplements for 12 weeks


* Full Pay

HPV Priority Solution

  • Say Goodbye to HPV
    12 week Program: Modules, 2 live group calls per month, 24/7 chat forum, protocol template.
  • One-on-one consultations with Dr. Doni (by phone or video)
  • Health breakthrough method with Dr. Doni
  • Biofeedback sessions with Dr. Doni
  • Access to order Vaginal Suppositories

Health panels:

  • Food sensitivity IgA/G (value $590)
  • Cortisol, adrenaline and neurotransmitters (value $350)
  • Female hormone panel (value $250)


  • The Stress Remedy Book
  • Recipes from Master Your Stress, Reset Your Health
  • Masterclass on MTHFR
  • Special live event
  • 10% off supplements for 6 months
Full Pay


What information will be covered?

I will give you the information you need to outsmart HPV. You’ll learn how to read your pap smear results and the truth behind what makes us susceptible to HPV. We’ll cover each step of the protocol behind my high success rate of reversing HPV and abnormal pap smears. Plus, we’ll uncover the root causes of HPV, my health panel recommendations, and the specific products and doses you will want to include in your own protocol to clear HPV.

What’s included?

You’ll be getting an all-inclusive twelve session online course that includes recorded answers to the most common questions that patients ask me about HPV. Along with handouts and worksheets to create your own action plan. You’ll also receive my successful Say Goodbye to HPV protocol, my best-selling Stress Warrior book, and 10% off recommended *supplements for the Dr. Doni store throughout the course!

Are supplements included?

Supplements are an additional cost and are NOT included in the course.

Still can’t decide? Read these great reviews!

"I got my newest report and was told I am all clear! I had stage 2 pre-cancer cells on my cervix and HPV. I want to tell you that I got my newest report and was told I am all clear! No HPV, nothing. Thank you so much!!"

- R.M. 

I am forever grateful for having met Dr. Doni and to have learned through her that health and well-being can be viewed and supported in a holistic, life-affirming way. I cannot imagine functioning in the world we live in now, with all its complexity and stresses, without this sophisticated and generous method of treating the whole patient, mind and body that is naturopathic care."

- S. N.

"I know I may have faced a far more dire situation had I not consulted with Dr. Doni. I hope that this protocol reaches more women so they know they have other options. Surgery is generally traumatizing and doesn't address the root cause. It is far more empowering as a woman to know you have the tools available to heal and that we can educate and heal each other."

- A.C.

Yes, I'm ready to register and start today!


Listen - I know what it’s like to suffer in silence. To know there’s HPV in your body, but have no idea what to do about it. It’s a terrible feeling.

I also know that I’m not the first person to talk about a solution.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve tried other programs - courses - cleanses - you name it… only for them to fall far short of their promises. That might be giving you pause.

If so, I understand completely.

I’m so confident in this program - and so certain it can help return you to the best health of your life - I’d hate for skepticism to keep you from trying it. 


If you decide that the Say Goodbye to HPV Program isn't for you, no worries. Dive in to the first module and attend the first live call, and If by midnight the day after the first LIVE call you decide that it's not for you, simply email to request a refund. We offer this refund policy because it's fair and simple to understand. We are committed to your success. After midnight on April 26th, 2022, we offer no refunds.

You have no reason to hesitate or miss out on your health transformation!

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